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TDDE32 Professionalism in Computer Science (6 ECTS)

Latest News...

19/11  Updated submssions instructions

For the comments on essays section 3-4 you need only focus on the content. See the submssions page.

19/11  Todays lecture on Contextual responsibility is pre-recorded

it is available here

9/11  Modified timetable

There has been a need to reschedule lectures and seminars. All are now in distance mode, Elin Palm will give the lecture on Contextual responsibility on November 19 and Olas seminar on Systems thinking in IT systems design will be on November 17. The time table is updated with new zoom links.

9/11  Cancelled lecture

The lecture today, 9/11, is cancelled. More info will come on when it will be given.

4/11  Updated the Essay instructions

Instructions on article references for Section 4 updated.

3/10  Slides from the workshop on academic writing available

Slides with more corrections to the exercises and more clarity regarding the essay structure.

1/10  Updated timetable

The timetable has been updated and new zoom meetings have been scheduled.

25/9  Today´s seminar

Madelenes seminar will be on site in Planck as stated in the timeable.

19/9  Lecture avialable

Madelenes lecture on Societal challenges is now available here

15/9  Timetable updated

The timetable is now updated.

14/9  New timetable

Deadline for Hand in Section 1-2 will be week 39, Tuesday 22/9 in the submissions folder and then you peer-review and submit Thursday 24/9.

At the same time the lecture and seminar week 39 will be switched, i.e. the lecture on Moral agency and moral responsibility will be on Monday wheras the seminar on Being a computer scientist in a changing society will be Friday September 25.

14/9  Change of deadline

We need to change the deadlines for submission of essay sections 1 and 2. You need NOT submit anything this Tuesday, i.e. deadline for submission of section 1 and 2 in the schedule is wrong. More information will follow.

11/9  Material from Lecture 2

Slides and checklist from lecture 2 avialble here

7/9  Groups updated

As new students register to the course we need to restucture the groups, so please look at the groups page.

7/9  Updated preparatory material for Information search

Follow this link for som introductory material.

3/9  Groups updated

A group is created for new students registered to the course.

31/8  Groups

Groups are created for those students admitted or registered.

28/8  Web pages updated

Zoom links to distance lectures can be found on the timetable page

1/7  Web pages updated

The pages are updated for the course staring fall 2020

12/6  Update started

The pages are being restructured for the 2020 course

Page responsible: Arne Jönsson
Last updated: 2020-08-28