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TDDE32 Professionalism in Computer Science (6 ECTS)

Latest News...

19/9  Lecture avialable

Madelenes lecture on Societal challenges is now available here

15/9  Timetable updated

The timetable is now updated.

14/9  New timetable

Deadline for Hand in Section 1-2 will be week 39, Tuesday 22/9 in the submissions folder and then you peer-review and submit Thursday 24/9.

At the same time the lecture and seminar week 39 will be switched, i.e. the lecture on Moral agency and moral responsibility will be on Monday wheras the seminar on Being a computer scientist in a changing society will be Friday September 25.

14/9  Change of deadline

We need to change the deadlines for submission of essay sections 1 and 2. You need NOT submit anything this Tuesday, i.e. deadline for submission of section 1 and 2 in the schedule is wrong. More information will follow.

11/9  Material from Lecture 2

Slides and checklist from lecture 2 avialble here

7/9  Groups updated

As new students register to the course we need to restucture the groups, so please look at the groups page.

7/9  Updated preparatory material for Information search

Follow this link for som introductory material.

3/9  Groups updated

A group is created for new students registered to the course.

31/8  Groups

Groups are created for those students admitted or registered.

28/8  Web pages updated

Zoom links to distance lectures can be found on the timetable page

1/7  Web pages updated

The pages are updated for the course staring fall 2020

12/6  Update started

The pages are being restructured for the 2020 course

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Last updated: 2020-08-28