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TDDE25 Perspectives in Computer and Software Technology

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18/9/2018  Register for quizzes in WEBREG

Many of you have not yet registered your names in webreg for the quizzes. Failure to do so will result in you not getting credit for your quizzes until you do so

20/7/2018  First Seminar Fall 2018

The first seminar is on Monday, September 3, 08.15-10.00, A1

28/7/2017  2nd Seminar

2nd seminar has been moved from 180905 to 180904, 8:15-10.00, A2

20/7/2017  Course Pages Fall 2018

Update of the course web pages for Fall 2018 is in progress!

20/7/2018  Quizz Registration

Quizz grades will not be registered until you have registered in WebReg. Instructions are on the course web page. Contact Jonas Kvarnstrom if you are having problems with this.

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