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TDDD95 Algorithmic Problem Solving

Course information


To automatically check whether your programs are correct this course uses the automatic judge Kattis. It allows you to submit programs to check whether they solve a partiular problem almost immediately.

The course page in Kattis

As a student at Linköping University you should be able to log in to Kattis using your LIUID and associated password. If this does not work, please contact the examiner.

Kattis is continually being improved, but has so far been very reliable. There is some limited documentation, which should answer most of the questions you have. There are also two tutorials that will show you how to get started. We recommend that you go through these before you start the course. Advice:

  • If you use Java, then the class with the main method must be public.
  • IO in C++ using cin/cout in iostream is normally slower than scanf/printf in cstdio. For problems involving a lot of IO it can make a surprising difference. The Kattis FAQ has more information.
  • IO in Java is quite slow, but there is a special IO library that can help you. The Kattis FAQ has more information.

Page responsible: Fredrik Heintz
Last updated: 2019-01-18