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TDDD95 Algorithmic Problem Solving (6 ECTS)

VT1-VT2 2024

Successful problem solving in computer science requires a solid theoretical foundation as well as the ability to apply the theory to practical problem solving. The aim of this course is to develop your ability to solve complex algorithmic problems by applying knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and complexity theory. As a professional and as a researcher it is useful to be able to analyze a problem, choose or design an algorithm, judge the efficiency of proposed algorithms, and to implement and test them quickly and correctly. In this course you will practice this by solving a large number of homework assignments and working under time constraints during problem solving sessions.

The course page in Kattis

This course is based on the course Problemlösning under Press given at KTH. We are very grateful both for the excellent work they have done developing the course and for being allowed to use their material in our course. Thank you!

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