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732A96 Advanced Machine Learning


Exam 19/10-2017

Exam. Solutions.


To pass the course, one has to pass the labs, participate actively in the seminars, and pass the computer exam. The computer exam resembles the labs. Here you can find a sample exam. The following material will be available during the exam:
- Lecture slides.
- Lab descriptions.
- Course literature (including PDF copies of the books by Bishop and Rasmussen and Williams).
- Your solutions to the labs that you submitted through LISAM (see below).

Your lab solutions should be submitted in a PDF and/or an R file through a LISAM submission, and your solutions will appear in the exam system. You can submit a maximum of two files, one PDF and one R file with code. You can edit your lab solutions, but it is not allowed to add other information that is not a solution to the lab (your files will be checked before the exam). Here is the LISAM submission for the exam 2018-01-03. Remember to submit before the deadline 2017-12-27 at 12 AM.

Here is information about how to log in and out from the exam system. The exam system includes a so called communication client. Here is information about it. The answers to the exam should be submitted in a single PDF file using the communication client. You can make a PDF from LibreOffice (similar to Microsoft Word). You can also use Markdown from RStudio. Include important code needed to grade the exam (inline or at the end of the PDF). Submission starts by clicking the button "Skicka in uppgift" in the communication client. Then, follow the instructions. Note that the system will let you know that the exam has been submitted, but will not tell you that it was received. This is ok and your solution has actually been received.

Here are some additional useful info about the computer exam system:

- Do not ask question through the communication client. The teachers will be reachable by phone, and they will visit the room too.

- The exam system has three basic folders for the students:
  • /home/student_tilde (home folder where the student can save files)
  • /home/student_tilde/given_files (the folder where the files distributed to everyone are placed. For example, the exam itself or slides)
  • /home/student_tilde/my_given_files (the folder where the files distributed to individual students are placed. For example, the student's lab solutions)
- The student may have to copy files (e.g. data files) from given_files to their home folder. Or read the files using the full path /home/student_tilde/given_files.

- Most students will save the plots directly from RStudio using point-and-click from the menus. But you can also save a plot to a png file using these commands:

plot(rnorm(4)) # Change this to the plot commands you want

Rules for examination of computer lab assignments at IDA

You are expected to do lab assignments in group or individually, as instructed for a course. However, examination is always based on individual performance.

It is not allowed to hand in solutions copied from other students, or from elsewhere, even if you make changes to the solutions. If there is suspicion of such, or any other form of cheating, teachers are obliged to report it to the University Disciplinary Board.

Be prepared to answer questions about details in specific code and its connection to theory. You may also be asked to explain why you have chosen a specific solution. This applies to all group members.

If you foresee problems meeting a deadline, contact your teacher. You can then get some help and maybe the deadline can be set to a later date. It is always better to discuss problems, instead of, e.g., to cheat.

Any kind of academic dishonesty, such as cheating, e.g. plagiarism or use of unauthorized assistance, and failure to comply with university examination rules, may result in the filing of a complaint to the University Disciplinary Board. The potential penalties include suspension, warning.

Policy for handing in computer lab assignments at IDA

For all IDA courses having computer lab assignments there will be one deadline during or at the end of the course. If you fail to make the deadline, you must retake the, possibly new, lab course the next time the course is given.

If a course deviates from this policy, information will be given on the course web pages.

Page responsible: Oleg Sysoev
Last updated: 2017-12-21