Exam log on and log out procedure

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Before you log on you must select "Exam System" from the session menu.

You may be asked to make "Exam System" default. Choose "Just for this session" to make your session choice take effect just this once.

NB! If you try to log in to your usual account, but the exam system appear instead: Choose "MATE" from the session menu before you log on, and make that choice default.

Once you are done with the session choice, log on using your regular account credentials (LiU-ID and your private password).

After you log on to the computer you will automatically be forwarded to the exam log on procedure. If your normal user environment appears, you forgot to choose "Exam System" from the session menu and you have to log out and start over.

The exam log on procedure starts with language selection.

In the second step you have to enter your swedish "person number" (usually made up from your date of birth and four extra digits, you can find it on your LiU-card). Use the digits above the letters on the keyboard, or press Num-Lock to activate the numeric keyboard.

NB! You have to enter the year with 4 digits!

You are almost done. Just make sure your LiU-card is readily available while the invigilators hand out the use once password you are waiting for.

Once logged on to the exam you will see a very green background. Immediately locate and start the programs you will need from the "Exam menu" (found in the bottom left corner). You have to start them from the menu to get correct settings.

If your exam uses the communication client it will pop up automatically. Please notify personnel if it does not appear. If you close it by accident you can restart it from the "Exam menu". The communication client is separately documented.

NB! If you have technical issues or questions you should raise your hand to get assistance. Questions (not concerning exam content) can often be answered directly by invigilator or assistant.

If you have a computer with two screens you may want to adjust the screen settings. Start "control panel" from "exam menu" for find the screen settings.

Once you have finished the exam you should save all your files, close your programs, and select "Log out" from "Exam menu". Confirm your choice. This will log you out of the window system, and you will enter the exam logout procedure.

After a while you will see a screen with three options. Choose "Quit exam!". If your computer seems stuck, your files are safe, but tell the invigilator when you leave. We will log out the computer when the exam is finished.

The two "relogin" options are used if something goes wrong with your computer or the exam settings. You will be informed if you need to use them.

Once you choose "Yes" you will get back to the regular log on screen. You can leave the computer now.