The communication client

Student information: you can see the personal information the system have registered about you. It is very important that this is correct. Client ID is the ID we will see when you send questions or assignments.

Course information: you can see the course you are writing the exam for. Make sure it is what you expect and intend.

Time information: you can see when the exam start and finish. Bonus time is not implemented and will be 0. If your course gave you bonus, your examiner will manually account for your bonus when grades are set.

Unread messages: one line will appear for each new message to you. Double click to open the message. It will automatically pop down to "Read messages".

Read messages: messages are saved here after you have read them. Double click to read them again.

Grade information: you can see your current grade, and the assessment on each assignment. This may look different depending on grade levels and assessments relevant for your course. On some exams we assess and grade as soon as you hand in, while on others we assess and grade only after exam end. Ask your examiner how and when your exam is assessed and graded.

Finish exam: this button is permanently disabled and should not be used. Log out from the window system when you want to finish the exam.

Quit client: this button is permanently disabled and should not be used. You should keep you communication client open throughout the exam. If, by any reason, you need to restart it, press the cross in the top right corner and then start it from the "Exam menu" in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Server connection: show you weather your client is connected to the server or not. If you are disconnected we are normally working on resolving the problem. Just keep working, any messages or assignments you send will be queued and sent as soon as connection is established again. If you are disconnected for a longer period of time without any information from us, raise your hand to call for attention.

Send question: use this to send a question to the examiner. Make sure to select correct exam assignment and to write a relevant title.

Send assignment: use this to send completed solutions to examiner. Make sure to select correct assignment and to attach all files needed for your solution to be complete (to compile and test it for example). Sometimes you may have to show all file extensions to see the file you want to send in. Once you send the assignment you will receive an automatic message from the server that your solution is received and queued for correction.