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732A94 Advanced Programming in R ( ECTS)

Autumn1 2017

Latest News...

11/10/2017  Exam

The zip file is uploaded in LISAM and can also be found on the course webpage
under exam_material.zip
Please go through it! Also please see how you change working directories in RStudio. Good luck!

30/8/2017  Material uploaded

Lectures 3,4 and Labs 3,4 are uploaded to GitHub and course www

28/8/2017  Welcome to the course

The course start Tuesday 29/8/2017 at 13:15 in P18
The course materials for 2017 can be found at STIMA's GitHub
They will also be present on LISAM once students are registered


13/8  Basic information is getting updated

Work is ongoing updating the course pages

17/8  Updated Course Content

Updated Course Content to better reflect formally accepted course plan

18/8  First course occation

The first course occation will be on Tuesday 2016-08-30 10-12 Lecture and 15-17 a computer lab!

18/8  Schedule now available in Timeedit

Schedule now available in Timeedit. See 'Timetable' the leftside menu

18/8  Details on deadlines

Added details on deadlines for labs and assignemnts

18/8  Lecture 2

Added second lecture slides

22/8  First lecture is in room S19

First lecture is in room S19

29/8  Small updates to Lab1

Corrected some small errors in Lab1. Corrected description of task 1.1.2 and ref to my_num_vector in task 1.3.1

29/8  Minor updates to lecture slides 1,2. Added Lecture 3

Minor updates to lecture slides 1,2. Added Lecture 3

30/8  Added help

Added info on HELP function to Lecture 1

31/8  Lab2

Fixed some bugs and typos and added some clarifications in Lab2. Fixed so markmyassignment should run without warnings for Lab2.

1/9  Lecture Notes

Small update to Lecture 2. Added Lecture 4.

8/9  New reference

Added reference to primer on Unicode to course info. page

8/9  Lecture Notes

Added lecture 5. Small updates to old lectures (mainly page numbers, and better looking code listings)

12/9  Lab spec.'s

Updated the link to the course page in the lab specs

12/9  Updated to correct date for exam!!

Updated the course webpage with the correct date for the exam!!

12/9  Lab spec.'s

Updated the missing references in the lab spec's

04/10  Updates to Lecture 6

Added missing slides on profiling to Lecture 6

26/10  Exam is corrected and Solution published

The exam is now corrected and the exam + solution is published in the OldExams folder (as linked on the course info page).

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Last updated: 2016-06-17