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732A54 and TDDE31 Big Data Analytics

Lab Sessions

The purpose of the lab sessions is for you to work on the assignments.

Account information

  • ONLY 732A54: For the labs on relational databases you will need an account on a database server provided by LiU IT. Normally such a database account is created for you when you register for the course and you should have been notified via e-mail. If you already have such a database account from some previous course, this account can be used also for this course. If you have forgotten the password for your database account (or you do not anymore have the aforementioned notification email), you can request a new password. The lab assistant and the examiner cannot help you with password issues.
  • 732A54 and TDDE31: For the labs in the NSC environment, you will need a special account. Information on how to obtain this account is available here. Note that the teachers in the course may require access to a special directory in your account for grading your exercises.

Virtual Lab Sessions

Given that this is a distance-learning course now, we will have virtual lab sessions which we run based on the following two tools:

  • Zoom meeting rooms will serve as our virtual lab rooms. Your lab assistant will provide you with the details to access these rooms. Within the virtual lab room, every pair of lab partners will be assigned a separate breakout room that serves as a virtual space for the lab partners to work together. That is, within your breakout room, you and your lab partner can talk and share your screens with one another in order to work on your lab assignments collaboratively. To this end, one of you has to take the lead in terms of doing the actual typing of your SQL code; this partner shares her/his screen and, then, both of you can discuss what needs to be typed. You have to agree beforehand who takes the lead, and you should take turns for the different lab sessions.
    Important: to enable the lab assistant to assign you (and your lab partner) to the right breakout room, you need to change your name within the Zoom meeting. This should be done as follows. Directly after entering the Zoom meeting, click on the "Participant list" button in the Zoom application. Next, in the "Participants" window that opens, hover the mouse over your entry in the list (typically, you are shown at the top of this list) and several blue buttons should appear, including a button called "Rename" (it may be possible that you first have to click the "More" button that appears). After clicking the "Rename" button, enter a screen name using the following pattern: <Webreg group number> <First name> <Last name> 
    If you have questions or problems during the lab session, you can ask your lab assistant for help. The way you do this is by getting into a queue using the tool described in the following; then, when the lab assistants has helped the students who have been in the queue before you, he/she is going to come to your breakout room.
  • Camedin is a simple online queuing application which we use for you to queue to get help from your lab assistant during the virtual lab sessions. Note that, as a student, you do not need to log into Camedin to get into the lab session queue. Instead, your lab assistant will provide you with a link to a Camedin "Live" page for your lab group. During the virtual lab sessions, this page is active and you can see how many people are in the queue.
    If you want to get into the queue, click on the button called "Page". Now, you have to enter i) your name, ii) your location (which, in our virtual setting, is the number of your breakout room), and iii) a password (which you have received from your lab assistant). After clicking "OK", you should see the place that you have in the queue. When it says "NOW", it is your turn and the lab assistant will join your breakout room.

Page responsible: Olaf Hartig
Last updated: 2021-04-14