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732A54 and TDDE31 Big Data Analytics

Lab Sessions

The purpose of the lab sessions is for you to work on the assignments.

Account information

  • ONLY 732A54: For the labs on relational databases you will need an account on a database server provided by LiU IT. Normally such a database account is created for you when you register for the course and you should have been notified via e-mail. If you already have such a database account from some previous course, this account can be used also for this course. If you have forgotten the password for your database account (or you do not anymore have the aforementioned notification email), you can request a new password. The lab assistant and the examiner cannot help you with password issues.
  • 732A54 and TDDE31: For the labs in the NSC environment, you will need a special account. Information on how to obtain this account is available here. Note that the teachers in the course may require access to a special directory in your account for grading your exercises.

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Last updated: 2022-03-20