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Teaching with labbox

In our courses (web programming and advanced web programming) we use virtualization to provide a laboratory environment for students working at home. See for instance, Advanced Web-Based Programming, a project course in web development (labbox was original called Live Lab, which mentioned in the text). Apart from making it easy for students to get started with a lot of systems, we also avoid creating potential risks opening up a home computer for outside access for the inexperienced students. The labbox isolate the laboratory environment from the home computer.

Pedagogical research on virtualization

Use-experiences from virtualization in teaching

In our projects we are also do research on virtualization as a technical component for courseware and in particular for computer-based experimentation in courses. During 2008 we will work with teachers from other subject areas at Linköping University helping them develop labboxes for their courses. This will help us further understand the pedagogical aspects of virtualization.

Exploration of technical potential for pedagogy

We also look at how a to develop a courseware platform based on virtualization as a starting point for many teachers and many different topics. One area of particular interest is seting up different student-to-assistant communicaiton tools.

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Last updated: 2018-01-28