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About MDA

MDA is a research laboratory at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Division for Human-Centered Systems (HCS).

The MDA research lab, currently headed by Prof. Henrik Eriksson, has performed multi-disciplinary research in the area of interactive environments for empowerment in health for more than two decades. The studies range from investigations of patient-caregiver interaction, pediatric diabetology, and participatory design, to knowledge acquisition for knowledge-based systems. The group has an interdisciplinary focus based on technical, medical, and behavioral science competencies. The group has a broad international cooperation network, involving for instance research groups at Harvard University, Stanford University, and Columbia University. In 1998, the research group was awarded the 'gold medal' for the best paper at the tri-annual world conference MedInfo. During 2009, the IxS group and parts of CSELAB will be added to the MDA lab.

Originally, MDA was a Swedish acronym for "People, Computers, and Work", which ilustrated the relevant forces driving research on computer architectures, designs, and tools. Today, MDA is an orphan arcronym, which does not stand for anything.

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Last updated: 2009-05-22