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Critiquing systems


Our project is investigating the use of critiquing systems as a means to provide decision support for military decision-makers. In particular, we are interested in evaluating how the explorative aspect of planning can be presented while providing rich knowledge-based decision support.

In the screen shot above, the task view presents information on tasks and their inter-relationships. These relationships represent constraints and are interpreted either as hard constraints to be enforced by ComPlan, or soft constraints that only visualize constraint violations.

The time view presents time-related information on tasks, and lets the user manipulate tasks interactively.


Download and unpack complan.zip below. The archive contains the source code for the tool in the src directory and can be imported directly into the Eclipse IDE. The tool has been developed using the open source Java libraries JFreeChart and GEF. Also, with some modifications the library PeerRMI has been used to enable network communication between planners.

Student projects

We accept undergraduate students who are willing to work on projects as a part of their undergraduate education or as degree projects. Currently, we see the following topics as interesting for undergraduate students to pursue:
  • Extending the ComPlan system with more scenarios and critiquing rules, along with the option of storing and retrieving plans for later use.


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