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TDDB69 Advanced Web Programming

Live Lab

TDDB69 home OS/VM

Download the Live Lab VMware virtual machien and run your TDDB69 environment with automated student account mounting, pre-installed and running systems such as apache, tomcat, msql, eclipse development enviroment and more without actually installing these systems and having to uninstall them after the course. You can run your windows desktop in parallell with your vwmare TDDB69 live lab desktop.  

Download VMware Player.

Download TDDB69 Live Lab.

Password student, login student.

Appache webserver running:, data stored at /var/www/

Install MySQL database.
/> sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.0 mysql-client-5.0 php5-mysql

MySQL service running:
/> mysql -u root
Install mysql tools:
/> sudo apt-get install mysql-admin (password: student)
/> sudo apt-get install mysql-querybrowser

Live Lab Background.

Live Lab is a pedagogical project focused on the development of a better work environment for students working from home. One of the major advantages for students is that you can boot a fully functional laboratory environment on a desktop computer with pre-installed software, with mounted network accounts and integrated learning environment without actually having to install any software. Download Live Labs and run it, it will save you valuable time and give you a suite of tools useful in TDDB69.

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Last updated: 2007-03-26