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Courses within Statistics

732A60Advanced Academic Studies (A) 
732A62Time Series Analysis, 6 hp (A) 
732A63Probability Theory, 6 hp (A) 
732A64Master's Thesis, 30 hp (A) 
732A66Decision theory, 6 hp (A) 
732A90Computational statistics, 6 hp (A) 
732A91Bayesian Learning, 6 hp (A) 
732A92Text Mining, 6 hp (A) 
732A93Statistical Methods, 6 hp (A) 
732A94Advanced Programming in R, 6 hp (A) 
732A96Advanced Machine Learning, 6 hp (A) 
732A97Multivariate Statistical Methods, 6 hp (A) 
732G01Grundläggande statistik, grundkurs, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G04Surveymetodik, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G05Regressions- och tidsserieanalys, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G08Multivariate Methods, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G12Data-Mining, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G17Introduction to SAS Programming, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G20Statistisk teori I, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G32Kandidatuppsats i Statistik, fördjupningskurs, 15 hp (G) 
732G33Programming in R, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G34Statistical Analysis of Complex Data, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G50Introductory Statistics, basic course, 7.5 hp (Grundnivå) 
732G70Statistik A, 7 hp (G) 
732G71Statistik B, 8 hp (G) 
732G81Statistics, 11 hp (G) 
NDAB02Statistics; Theory and Application in Biology, 6 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDAB01Probability and Statistics, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDE01Machine Learning, 6 hp (A) 

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