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Intelligent Media Technologies

FDA143, 2007VT

Status Cancelled
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division HCS
Owner Kevin McGee

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Course plan

No of lectures

16 hours

Recommended for

Graduate and D-level students with programming experience.

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To develop the ability to identify and implement useful "intelligent media technologies" -- friendly, adaptive end-user applications, services, and devices.


Programming experience.


The course is organized as a series of design sessions, discussions, and small, weekly "deliverables." The course will meet two times a week for 8 weeks; each week will be divided between design sessions – and "status" presentations/discussions of student projects.


This is a project-oriented, design course for implementers of intelligent, end-user applications, services, and devices. Students will be asked to form teams, propose original projects, and implement working prototypes by the end of the course.
The actual course content will be somewhat determined by student projects, but in general the course will explore relevant aspects of: implementation techniques from AI; agent models and techniques; distributed consumer technologies (peer-to-peer, web logs, instant messaging, personalized news services, coordination software, etc.); "physical software & sensor systems" (PDAs, artificial pets, intelligent houses, etc.); end-user programming; intelligent interface design; and techniques for determining end-user needs for which intelligent media technologies are appropriate (and viable).


Readings will be adapted to the actual projects developed by course participants; these readings will be short and distributed as needed.


Kevin McGee


Kevin McGee


Active participation, weekly deliverables, and a public presentation of a completed final project.


5 credits


Course language is English. Note: the emphasis in this course is on "actual implementations." Students are free to choose any programming language (C, Java, Lisp, etc.) or technology platform (software, hardware/robotics, mixed, etc) – but a final project cannot be a "mock up" or "Director presentation."

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