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Degree Projects

Several of our thesis projects have won the best thesis award at IDA. Others have resulted in research publications at various reputable venues. Examples can be found here

Project Examples with Contact Info

Projects may be available in the following areas: Please email a contact person if you are interested in doing a resarch oriented degree project and we can discuss current availability and opportunities. For example research that we do, please see our respective web pages (links at bottom of page) and the publication lists you find there.

Example projects offered by PhD students in the group

In addition to the above general project categories (for which we suggest contacting the above contact persons), our PhD candidates have created some MSc-thesis projects for vt-2024 that may be of interest. First, three deep-learning oriented thesis (contact via Niklas Carlsson):
  • Artistic Integrity in the AI Era (supervisor: Minh-ha Le)
  • AI-driven Tool for Streamlining the Composition of Academic Papers (supervisor: Minh-ha Le)
  • Action classification from audio in sports videos (supervisor: Karol Wojtulewicz)
Then two more data-driven or experimental projects (contact via Niklas Carlsson):
  • Performance-security Tradeoffs when Combining Delta Encoding and Homomorphic Encryption for Cloud-based Services (supervisor: David Hasselquist)
  • Characterizing and understanding viral content on social media (e.g., data collection + analysis) (supervisor: Alireza Mohammadinodooshan)

Contacts: Niklas Carlsson, Andrei Gurtov