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PELAB Research Group on Compiler Technology and Parallel Computing

Christoph Kessler

Current PhD students

  • Erik Hansson
    Compiling for novel multicore architectures
    project assistant 2009-2010, PhD student since dec. 2010
  • Mudassar Majeed
    Optimized Composition and Run-time Support for e-Science
    PhD student since apr. 2011
  • Nicolas Melot
    Optimized On-Chip Pipelining for Many-Core Systems
    project assistant since nov 2010, PhD student since dec. 2011
  • Lu Li
    Performance Aware Composition of Parallel Programs
    Project assistant since oct. 2011, PhD student since july 2013
I am secondary advisor for
  • Kristian Stavåker
    since 2008
  • Joar Sohl (ISY)
    since 2008
  • Martin Sjölund
    since 2010
  • Magnus Pettersson (ISY)
    since 2010
  • Mahder Gebremedhin
    since 2012
  • Andreas Löfwenmark (RTSLAB)
    since 2014

Former PhD students

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