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Externally Funded Research Projects at PELAB

Beyond all the internal research projects within each working group, there are currently the following externally funded projects at PELAB:

Current/recent projects (non-exhaustive list)

  • EXCESS: Execution Models for Energy-Efficient Computing Systems (2013-2016)
    EU FP7 cooperative project 2013-2016. PELAB (C. Kessler) led a technical work package (WP1: Execution, Platform and Programming Models for Energy Optimization) and contributed key research results in language and tool infrastructure for energy-aware application synthesis, system modeling, performance and energy modeling, optimization techniques and autotuning for holistic energy optimization for heterogeneous multicore systems.
    Contact: Prof. Christoph Kessler
  • High-Level Debugging of Equation-Based System Modeling and Simulation Languages
    Contact: Prof. Peter Fritzson
  • OpenModelica
    Open source development of a model-driven environment based on Modelica and Eclipse
    Contact: Prof. Peter Fritzson
  • SkePU
    Open-source framework for high-level portable programming of heterogeneous parallel systems using algorithmic skeletons, with automated optimizations for performance and energy efficiency.
    Contact: Prof. Christoph Kessler

Finished projects (since ca. 2004, non-exhaustive list)

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