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Laboratory Leadership

Administrative Staff

Senior Faculty

  • Peter Fritzson, Ph.D., Professor.
    Softare Engineering, Modeling/Simulation Environments and Languages including Modelica, Compilers and Parallel Computing

  • Mariam Kamkar, Ph.D., Professor.
    Software testing and software security.

  • Christoph Kessler, Ph.D., Professor.
    Compiler Technology and Parallel Computing

  • Kristian Sandahl, Ph.D., Professor.
    Software Engineering

Junior Faculty

External Faculty

  • Dag Fritzson, Ph.D., Adj. Professor, also at SKF AB.
    Mechanical System Modeling and Simulation; Parallel Computing.

Graduate Students

  • Usman Dastgeer, M.Sc., Tekn. Lic.
    Optimized composition for heterogeneous multicore / manycore systems
  • Mahder Gebremedhin, M.Sc.
  • Erik Hansson, M.Sc.
    Compiling for parallel architectures
  • Lu Li, M.S.
    Energy modeling and optimization for heterogeneous multicore systems
  • Nicolas Melot, M.Sc.
    On-chip pipelining for multicore / many-core systems
  • Martin Sjölund, M.Sc., Tekn. Lic.
  • Kristian Stavåker, M.Sc., Tekn. Lic.
    Modeling languages and compiler back-end technology

External graduate students

Other staff

Former PELAB members

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