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Research Group on Compiler Technology and Parallel Computing at PELAB

Research Group on Compiler Technology and Parallel Computing at PELAB

Contact person: Prof. Christoph Kessler

Research area

  • Design and implementation of programming languages and systems
  • Compiler technology for parallel and embedded systems
  • Code generation for instruction-level parallel and thread-level parallel systems
  • Software composition

Group members

  • Peter Fritzson, professor, Modelica group
  • Magnus Pettersson, PhD student, Computer architecture lab, ISY
  • Joar Sohl, PhD student, Computer architecture lab, ISY
  • Kristian Stavåker, PhD student, Modelica group

PhDs produced:

Licentiate degrees produced:

Other former members / associated members

  • Dr. Peter Aronsson
  • Håkan Lundvall
  • Håkan Mattsson
  • Kaj Nyström
  • Dr. Tobias Ritzau

Some current and recent research projects:

  • SkePU: Auto-tunable multi-backend skeleton programming framework for multi-GPU systems
  • EXCESS: Execution Models for Energy-Efficient Computing Systems
  • SeRC-OpCoReS: Optimized composition and run-time support for e-Science
  • PEPPHER: Programmability and performance portability for heterogeneous manycore architectures
  • Optimized on-chip pipelining and mapping for Cell/B.E. and Intel SCC
  • Optimal composition of parallel components.
  • OPTIMIST: Retargetable integrated code generation for instruction-level parallel and embedded systems.
  • RISE-PARACOMP / RISE-II-ARECOMP: Interactive invasive parallelization, with support of automatic roundtrip engineering

Some former research projects:

  • SSF RISE-PARACOMP / RISE-II-ARECOMP: WPs on Composition of parallel software / Automatic round-trip engineering
  • NestStep Design and implementation of a global address space language for BSP computing
  • Clustering and scheduling of fine-grained task graphs generated from Modelica programs for multiprocessors
  • Vinnova GridModelica / SafeModSim: WP on parallelization
  • EU FP5 JOSES - Java compiler for embedded systems, WPs on DSP code generation and garbage collection for hard real-time systems
  • Language, library and compiler support for PRAM computing
  • SPARAMAT: Pattern-driven automatic parallelization of sparse matrix computations
  • PARAMAT: Pattern-driven automatic parallelization


We teach about a dozen undergraduate-level and graduate-level courses per year, in the areas of compilers, code generation and optimization, parallel programming, multicore computing, concurrent programming and operating systems, component software and software composition, and software engineering.
For a partial list, see here.

Master degree projects:

For internal 30hp master degree projects (exjobb) in compiler technology, see Christoph Kessler's list of open master thesis projects.

Current and finished master thesis projects in our group can be found on this page.

Group meetings:

on demand, announced via email

Some links:

see the link collection

Internal resources:

  • C. Kessler's BibTEX files: see /home/chrke/tex/*.bib

    papers with a (red) C code (e.g. C453) can usually be found in the boxes standing on the middle bottom shelf in C. Kesslers office.

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