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TDDD97 Web Programming (6 ECTS)

Vt1 2017

Latest News...

2017‑03‑03  The final presenation lab sessions on March 14th

As you may have noticed by now, there are three lab rooms available on March 14th. To make it possible for everyone to present their work, please use the systems ONLY for presenting your work and NOT working on the labs or the project. thanks.

2017‑03‑03  Re-examination

You can read about the re-examination period here.

2017‑03‑03  New deadlines

Presentation deadline: March 14th.
Hand-in deadline: March 17th.

2017‑03‑03  3 extra lab sessions

As we moved the presentation deadline a week forward, we shall use the two booked lab sessions on March 7th plus one extra lab session on friday for giving assistance and also taking presentations. The two lab sessions on March 14th are ONLY for presentations and no assistance shall be available.

2017‑01‑16  Sign up for labs

The WebReg system is now open for signing up for labs. Please note that you must sign up for the labs to participate in the course. Also, note that webreg is only open for students registered for the course. The deadline for sign up is January 23.

2017‑01‑13  Schedule update

Please note that there has been updates to the schedule to better align the lectures, lessons, and labs. The changes are reflected in the on-line schedule (TimeEdit), but you may need to refresh your calendar/printout.

2017‑01‑12  Course start

The first lecture will take place on Monday January 16 at 10.15-12.00 in A2. Welcome!

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