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TDDD49 Programmering C# och .NET

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13/10/2016  Kurswebben är under uppbyggnad för 2016.

04/11/2015  Examination periods

This year we have several examination periods instead of one deadline: week 49, 51 and week 2. During these weeks examination/demo has priority. During the other weeks assistance has priority. Results will be reported in week 50 and in week 3.

03/11/2015  Webreg is open for both courses.

TDDD49 (https://www.ida.liu.se/webreg3/TDDD49-2015-1/LAB1)
725G66 (https://www.ida.liu.se/webreg3/725G66-2015-1/LAB1)

03/11/2015  Lecture 1 slides are online.

03/11/2015  Finished updating lab instructions for 2015.

29/10/2015  Lab instructions are being updated for 2015.

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