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TDDD37 Database Technology


The course has the following examination items:
  • TEN1 written exam
    • Jan 7 2014, kl 14-18 (only repeat exam for students from previous semester)
    • Jan 17 2014, kl 8-12
    • x/x 2014, kl xx-xx
    The exam will be divided into two parts: a "practical part" and a "theoretical part". You have to pass BOTH parts to pass the exam. Old written exams are accessible here and here.
  • LAB1 - Lab and project. Labs and project work can be handed in during the running of the course. We report in connection to each written examination. Between written examination times we do not report lab and project results to LADOK. Database accounts are removed after 1 year.
    • Deadlines for labs and project:
      - in connection to january exam: Jan 7 2014

      Students that have not completed the labs and project in August 2013 will have to redo all the labs and project.
    • Handing in the labs:
      Labs can be handed in during lab sessions or via the IDA postbox opposite Cafe Java. (For postbox, use brown envelope and write name of lab assistant.) Labs can be retrieved during lab sessions. (In case this is not possible, contact the lab assistant.)
    • Handing in the project:
      - deadline for EER diagram: Dec 2 2013
      - final hand in:
      Hand in a paper copy to your lab assistant AND send an email with the code as an attachment to fanwe69.liu@analys.urkund.se. The name of the attached file should be as coursecode_year_student1_student2.txt, where year is the year you registered for the course and student1 and student2 are the login names of the students in the group. The electronic version will then be run through a system that compares the code with solutions from other students and from previous years. The teachers get an overview of this analysis. In this course we would like to keep the possibility of having a project where the students work freely and very much on there own. Therefore we use this method for analysis of project reports instead of putting higher restrictions on when and where you have to work with your projects. Sending the referred email is mandatory for achieving your grade in the lab course.


    Rules for examination of computer lab assignments at IDA

    You are expected to do lab assignments in group or individually, as instructed for a course. However, examination is always based on individual performance.

    It is not allowed to hand in solutions copied from other students, or from elsewhere, even if you make changes to the solutions. If there is suspicion of such, or any other form of cheating, teachers are obliged to report it to the University Disciplinary Board.

    Be prepared to answer questions about detailes in specific code and its connection to theory. You may also be asked to explain why you have chosen a specific solution. This applies to all group members.

    If you foresee problems meeting a deadline, contact your teacher. You can then get some help and maybe the deadline can be set to a later date. It is always better to discuss problems, instead of, e.g., to cheat.

    Any kind of academic dishonesty, such as cheating, e.g. plagiarism or use of unauthorized assistance, and failure to comply with university examination rules, may result in the filing of a complaint to the University Disciplinary Board. The potential penalties include suspension, warning.

    Policy for handing in computer lab assignments at IDA

    For all IDA courses having computer lab assignments there will be one deadline during or at the end of the course. If you fail to make the deadline, you must retake the, possibly new, lab course the next time the course is given.

    If a course deviates from this policy, information will be given on the course web pages.

    Page responsible: Fang Wei-Kleiner
    Last updated: 2013-12-05