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TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming

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2014‑04‑02  Booking participation on project seminars and oral examination now open on webreg.

Book only one timeslot per team on the Project seminar (!!not both members!!). The oral examinations, however, are individual. If the time slots run out we'll add more, please let us know in that case. Book on Project Seminars and for Individual Oral Examination . Locations will be added to webreg as I get them but for the Project Seminars it will be in a lecture hall on campus and we'll bring a laptop or you bring your own. VGA and HDMI cable will be available. Oral examination will be in our offices at IDA. Individual oral examination will be about 20 minutes per person (12/4) and the fist is at 8.00-8.20, the next 8.20-8.40 and so on.

2014‑04‑02  Educational license for JetBrains Editors

2014‑03‑17  Course intro PDF

2014‑03‑17  Course starts 26/3 10-12 in VAL. Welcome.

2014‑03‑17  Course home pages being revised for 2014.

Client-side framework requirements will change to adapt the course to yet another year of development, making the course better and more clear for students.

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