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TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming

Getting help

We will help you fix tricky problmes but this is not G-level course and you will be responsible for solving problems and performing proper debugging on your own since a prerequisite of the course is that you have good programming skill.

When requesting our help 

The overwhelming majority of the research on higher education show that active student learning is what leads to quality in education. This means that we must enable and require that students take the driving seat in solving problems, which is also something LiU has taken as a strategic decision for how education is supposed to be handled. This aligns with the need of the industry - students able to solve technical problems on their own - using available information resources such as online IT books, googlebing or stack overflow type services.

Also remember, don't make other or us Google that for you! You learn oh so much more if you Google yourself!

The help provided to student for the TDDD27 course follows this pattern:

  • Expect assistant emial-answers provided within 24-48 hours (except during the weekend) but not before that. Email the examiner if you have not gotten a response after that time period.
  • If necessary a meeting to discuss the problem.

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    Last updated: 2013-04-08