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TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming (6 ECTS)


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2016‑10‑06  Funny but also noteworthy reading about JS-development.

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2016‑04‑19  Registration for individual examintions are no open.

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Make sure you know your time slot and be there at that time. Its a tight schedule to get everyone in. You need to be here at your time but you may also have to accept some delay in the examination.

Calculate your time-slot from the starting-point. Slots 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, and 16 starts a new hour. The location is the office of the teacher. (Erik, Sahand and Anders - Note that Anders times start at 9.00)


2016‑04‑19  Registration for project seminars

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2016‑03‑18  2016 course pages finished.

Large-scale web development for interactive webb applications. Programming focus, state-of-the-art JavaScript Framework + Service Oriented (API) Backend. Not webdesign.

This is an A-level course with focus on learning advanced web technology platform of your own choice (you specify, implement, and reflect). Projects are performed by individuals or by teams of two or three. Knolwegde about technology areas cannot be divided, everyone has to know every aspect of web-programing of the project.

We examine knowledge and understanding, not products. We use individual oral examination. Come prepared. Not ok that someone else implemented something or it was a long time ago.

Course organisation is bascially (a) gitlab-based project specification for feedback, (b) feedback seminars 2-3 weeks before the end, and (c) final individual oral examination + screencast presentation. We use gitlab.ida.liu.se.

Changes 2016: (a) Bigger list of acceptable frontend framworks than Ember and Angular. (b) Not only deployment to openshift.ida.liu.se - more choices for continous deployment (automated and code-based) acceptable.

With that, go create!

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