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TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming (6 ECTS)


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2014‑04‑02  Booking participation on project seminars and oral examination now open on webreg.

Book only one timeslot per team on the Project seminar (!!not both members!!). The oral examinations, however, are individual. If the time slots run out we'll add more, please let us know in that case. Book on Project Seminars and for Individual Oral Examination . Locations will be added to webreg as I get them but for the Project Seminars it will be in a lecture hall on campus and we'll bring a laptop or you bring your own. VGA and HDMI cable will be available. Oral examination will be in our offices at IDA. Individual oral examination will be about 20 minutes per person (12/4) and the fist is at 8.00-8.20, the next 8.20-8.40 and so on.

2014‑04‑02  Educational license for JetBrains Editors

2014‑03‑17  Course intro PDF

2014‑03‑17  Course starts 26/3 10-12 in VAL. Welcome.

2014‑03‑17  Course home pages being revised for 2014.

Client-side framework requirements will change to adapt the course to yet another year of development, making the course better and more clear for students.

Evaluation of I-progam 2013 (in swedish).

In this course you learn server and client side frameworks for large-scale web development for services like Facebook, Flickr, Google Documents, prisjakt.nu and other interactive web applications. Also think programming, not design (HTML and CSS is content).

This is an A-level course with focus on learning a relatively advanced technology platform of your own choice, delivering a relatively large system on your own (you specify, implement, and reflect). Equal focus should be put on server side and client side frameworks - this is a fundamental requirement. Projects are performed by individuals or by teams of two. Technology areas cannot be divided, everyone has to know every technological aspect of the project. Features can be divided, however. (e.g. everyone should know how the system works in all its different areas). At the end of the course you will be required to take an individual oral examination where you must be able to answer any question concerning all aspects of the project. Here it is not OK to answer that someone else implemented this or that part or that it was a long time ago.

During 2014 we will fall back on the old proven formula of project specification, project seminars 2-3 weeks before the end of the course and final individual oral examination. We continue using gitlab.ida.liu.se and will hopefully add Open Shift virtual servers at IDA for the first time. New is also that projects that doesnt contain HTML5 side of the web - e.g. GWT/GAE projects, will not be allowed.

With that, go create!

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