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TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming (6 ECTS)


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2015‑03‑27  Webreg now open for student for individual orla examinatino here.

Every student books one 20-minute session. The lists goes from 8-12 so the first person in the list examines at 8.00-8.20, the second at 8.20-8.40 and so forth. You should spend the first 7 minutes showing that you have achieved the learning goal of the course - large scale web development with your tech- stack. For instance, show how you've really used angular and flask in the intended way and that you've made a good service design in the backend.

2015‑03‑27  Webreg now open for Project seminars here

2015‑03‑27  2015 course start lecture

2015‑03‑19  2015 course pages have been reviced.

Clarifications, spell checking and so forth only future changes to the pages.

Large-scale web development for webb applications or services like Facebook, Flickr, Google Documents. Programming focus and JavaScript Framework + Service Oriented Backend focus - not design (HTML and CSS is content). Advanced project course.

This is an A-level course with focus on learning a relatively advanced technology platform of your own choice, delivering a relatively large system on your own (you specify, implement, and reflect). Projects are performed by individuals or by teams of two-three. Technology areas cannot be divided, everyone has to know every technological aspect of the project. Features can be divided, however. (e.g. everyone should know how the system works in all its different areas). Individual oral examination where you must be able to answer any question concerning all aspects of the project. Here it is not OK to answer that someone else implemented this or that part or that it was a long time ago.

Course organisation is bascially gitlab-based project specification for feedback, project seminars 2-3 weeks before the end, and final individual oral examination + screencast presentation. We continue using gitlab.ida.liu.se (introduced to IDA in the course 2013) and finally add openshift.ida.liu.se to the stack. 2015 course techology requrement change is Anglar-level frontend requirement.

With that, go create!

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Last updated: 2015-06-01