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Programming Project


Before you read the information on this web page, and before you register for the programming project, please take some time to read the rules that we apply to conduct the laboratory sessions of this course. In addition to what you have just read by following the above-mentioned link, you should also follow the rules given below:
  • A group consists of two students (if you want to work alone, you should first contact your course assistant).
  • The members of a group should work together during the whole course.
  • A group is not allowed to work on more than one computer during the scheduled sessions.

If you have any questions, or if you are not sure about the exact meaning of any of the rules, you should consult the course leader or your course assistant before you start working on the assignments.


The practical part of the course consists of seven laboratory sessions (two hours each) and one teaching session in which the course assistant will introduce you to the programming project and its evaluation. The project is to be done in groups of two students (using one computer). You should keep the same partner for all the assignments. You are expected to read and prepare the material related to the assignments before going to the corresponding supervised sessions. In this way, you may take more advantage of the session time. The laboratory sessions are intended for asking questions, getting help from your course assistant, and demonstrating your implementation for each assignment when it is complete. You will obtain two points for the programming project.


You should choose your partner for the programming project and sign up through Webreg. You log in using the same user name and password as you use when logging in on IDA’s computer system. When registering, you may select any group. The deadline for the registration is January 31, 2015.

Teaching Session

An introduction to the programming project is given as a separate session referred to as a teaching session. The teaching session is scheduled prior to the laboratory sessions; refer to the timetable for further details. The corresponding slides can be found here.


The programming project is composed of six assignments:

  1. Standalone Database [Description][Source code]
  2. Client-Server Database [Description][Source code]
  3. Middleware: Object Request Brokers [Description][Source code]
  4. Middleware: Peer-to-Peer Communications [Description][Source code]
  5. Middleware: Distributed Locks [Description][Source code]
  6. Client-Server Database with Replicas [Description][Source code]

In order to pass the programming project, students are required to demonstrate each of the assignments to their course assistant. The deadlines for demonstrating all the assignments are: April 3, June 12, and August 28, 2015. Submissions after these deadlines will not be considered until one week before the next deadline.

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Last updated: 2015-01-26