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TDDD25 Distributed systems (6 ECTS)

VT1 2014


2014‑03‑03  Deadlines

The exam is on Marth 20. The first deadline for the programming project is two weeks after the exam, that is, on April 3. The next deadlines is on June 14, and the last one is on August 31.

2014‑01‑29  Programming project

The name service needed for Assignments 2–5 has been started.

2014‑01‑29  Lesson

The slides of the introductory lesson can be downloaded from here.

2014‑01‑12  Programming project

The registration portal for the laboratory sessions has been opened. Please follow the instructions given here. The deadline for registration is January 31, 2014.

2013‑12‑31  Programming project

The programming assignments for VT1 2014 have been published. The name service needed for Assignments 2–5 will be started by the first laboratory session.

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