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TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course


TEN 2 Written examination. (U,3,4,5) 3 ECTS
LAB 2 Mandatory labs 1 ECTS
UPG 2 Written project report. Ends with a common seminar day. (U,G) 2 ECTS

Exam dates

Here you can search for examination dates.

Written examination

The written examination will cover all five main topics of the course. The maximum score on the exam will be 40 points. Note that the exam structure has changed from previous years. This year there will be no restrictions on which or how many questions you answer!

Permissible aids for the exam
Dictionary - Book, NOT Electronic.

Project examination

The requirements for passing the project are: follow the intermediate milestones and deadlines, complete the work in the given time frame, meet the expected quality for the report and for the presentation. Note that there are no re-examinations for projects! The only possibility for students failing the project part is to redo this part next year, starting from the very beginning with the project selection. Also, note that for receiving the grades for the course both parts of the course (first - theoretical - and the second - project) have to be passed.

Old exams

Old exams are available here. Again, note that the structure and grading rules has changed this year (see above). The topics and types of questions will however be similar to previous exams.

Old projects

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