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Ph.D. courses 2010vt

Code  Name School Open
  Activity theory and interaction design SweCog  
DF00100 Advanced Compiler Construction (9hp) CUGS  
  Advanced course in The Theory of Cognitive Science SweCog  
DF00600 Artificial Intelligence   Cancelled CUGS  
DF14100 Discrete Structures II   Cancelled CUGS  
DF14200 Distributed Systems   Cancelled CUGS  
  Emotion and affect SweCog  
DF22100 Functional and Logic programming CUGS  
  Graduate course in Health Informatics   Cancelled CIS  
FDA173 Knowledge Representation   Cancelled CUGS  
  Probabilistic inference in Forensic Interpretation and related medical decision problems with applications on DNA analysis CIS  
DF21800 Qualitative research methods   Cancelled CIS  
DF14800 Real-Time and Embedded Systems CUGS  
  Research Methods in Cognitive Science SweCog  
DF20600 Scientific Publication CIS  
DF14900 Software Engineering CUGS  
  Statistical Methods in Experimental Science CIS  
  Swedish Crisis Management: Command, Control and Coordination CIS  

Master's level courses 2010vt

Code  Name School Open
  Statistical learning and data mining   Cancelled CIS  

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