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Advanced course in The Theory of Cognitive Science


Status Archive
School Nationell Forskarskola i Kognitionsvetenskap (SweCog)
Owner Annika Silvervarg
Homepage http://www.swecog.se/tidigareaktiviteter.shtml

The course is given by SweCog, the national graduate school in Cognitive Science.

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Course plan


To give a Ph D student the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of some of the theories and research areas of Cognitive Science, and develop an own standpoint.

Organisation and schedule

The course is based on the participation in the SweCog summer school that take place in Mullsjö 9-15 August, 2009.


Ruth Millikan: Biology, language and cognition
Joseph Call: Humans, other animals and cognition
Karl Grammer: The evolution of human cognitions, including emotion
Michael Baker. Cognition, dialog and learning
Angelo Cangelosi: Robots and cognition


A written paper that relates thesis work with some of the theories and research areas discussed during th Summer school.

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