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Research Methods in Cognitive Science


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School Nationell Forskarskola i Kognitionsvetenskap (SweCog)
Owner Annika Silvervarg

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Course plan

No of Lectures

approx. 16

Recommended for

All ph D students in Cognitive Science.

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The course gives an introductory overview of a variety of research methods typically used in cognitive science. The course will contain: philosophy of science, conceptual analysis, methods for data collection and data analysis, e.g audio, video recordings, questionnaires, interviews, experiments, computer simulation. Examples might be taken from neuroscience, cognitive robotics, MDI research, research on cognitive evolution, especially animal studies.




5 days in Göteborg, Stockholm, Linköping, Umeå. The course includes visits to different SweCog sites in Sweden, where experts will give an introduction to the methods they use in current projects. There will also be assignments related to the different methods.


Philosophy of science, experimental studies, corpus studies transliteration, statistical methods, metjods for HCI and interaction design, methods for neuroimaging, simulation an neural networks.


27jan-29 jan. Available at http://www.ling.gu.se/~jens/publications/index.html
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Jens Allwood, Elisabeth Ahlsen. Mikael Jensen, Ingvar LInd, Kalle Sandberg, Örjan Dahlström, Magnus Johansson, Roland Johansson, Lars Nyberg.


Jens Allwood


The examination ”course paper” will be in the form of a research application with a focus on the specification of research methods, which will be presented and defended at a final seminar.


7,5 hp

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