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Sports Analytics, vt 2020


  • Presentation of research paper. This can be done alone or in group, ca 20 minutes per student. Select your paper(s) and get them approved by Patrick latest April 16, 2020. Send your slides latest one week before your presentation to Patrick.
  • Project. This can be done alone or in group. Find your own project or take a project from a suggested list and get it approved by Patrick latest May 7, 2020. Document your project with a report.
This should be included in your talk and report:
- introduction - describe the area/problem, motivate why is this interesting, what kind of solutions have been used before
- background - any background knowledge that is needed to read the report/undertand the talk (e.g. domain of the application)
- algorithms - describe the algorithms that were used (why were these chosen?)
- test: describe the test data and the test set-up
- test results: describe the results
- discussion: analyze the results, compare with what was done before
- future: ideas for how to improve? other things that could be done?

2019 projects:

  • Visualization of ice hockey data for goalkeepers (cooperation with LHC)
  • Ontology and (RDF) data set for ice hockey statistics and play-by-play data

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