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Dear, students

I really like when I get the opportunity to discuss my subjects with students and you are welcome to contact me on mail, phone or visit my office. Since I have many responsibilities I am often quite busy, so I try to find an hour for students every week when I am available in my office. The times vary a lot and I regularly update them on the whiteboard to the right of my door. You can of course visit me other times as well, but if I am currently busy I will say so and count on your understanding.

I don't want to keep a distance, but...

I try to foster a good working environment at LiU, but I am quite bad at remembering faces, so don't think I am arrogant if I don't say "Hej!" in the corridors. So, it is your duty to say "Hej!" first.

Foreign students, I don't use titles or "Sir", unless I am officially representing the University, at PhD defences or so. You don't need to do that either. I also know that many of you like to show your appreciation with a small gift or so, but according to the law and my pricniples that can be mistaken for bribing, as long as you are students.

When you have graduated you can join my LinkedIn network, but I keep Facebook for everyday communication with new and old friends in Swedish.

Very frequently asked question.

Q: Can I start my thesis project now?

A: Starting a thesis project requires planning. Start reading: http://www.ida.liu.se/edu/ugrad/thesis/index.en.shtml

There are three variants of thesis projects:

  1. A project at a company. Many companies announce thesis projects. Links to advertisments are found at the homepage above. Some of the companies are not aware of the fact that we have many international students. Call them anyway, and ask if you don't speak Swedish. This is definitely the best way of working and gives you an good opportunity to prepare for continued professional life.
  2. A project within a research project. The research groups advertise thesis opportunities at their home pages. If you do a really good job, we might discuss part-time teaching assistance, and PhD positions, depending of the financial situation.
  3. Your own investigation. You select a subject you are interested in, do some background research, wirte a short thesis proposal and try to find an examiner. The methods applicable are literature reviews and your own experiments with downloaded software. This is not a recommeded practice, but gives you the freedom of choosing the subject. Not all examiners at IDA accept this type of students.

I'm fond of thesis supervision and I normally have many thesis students in parallell. Hence the lead-times for starting new projects can be several weeks. Some parts of the year it is not even possible to accept new students. I'm not happy with this, but that's what the reality looks like.

Prerequisites for starting a thesis work are:

Type of program Requirements
Kandidat- eller högskoleingenjörsprogram

(t.ex. C, IP, DI)

135 hp inom programmet

(t.ex. D, IT, Y, I)

240 hp inom programmet

varav 30 hp på avancerad nivå inom huvudområdet

alla kurser från termin 1-6 godkända eller en kandidatexamen


(t.ex. CS, SEM)

60 hp within the program

whereof 30 hp at advanced level within the main area

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Last updated: 2011-02-18