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Kristian Sandahl I am Kristian Sandahl, Professor in Software Engineering at Linköping University (LiU), Sweden, where I am manger of the Programming Environment Laboratroy (PELAB). My major research interests are: Software processes, requirements engineering and software quality. Besides the university research I occasionally work for Santa Anna IT Institute AB, a branch of SICS. I am also member of the board for Center for Model-based Product Development at LiU

My teaching involves courses in Software Engineering Theory, Software Projects, and a research preparation course Advanced Software Engineering . As part of the teaching I am responsible for the international Master's programme in Software Engineering and Management, the Software Engineering Profile on Swedish Master's Programmes, and I am member of the board for educational programmes in Industrial Engineering and Logistics.

I am a true enthusiast for the exchange of knowledge between practise and academia, and during my career I worked both for a small spin-off company as well as for Ericsson AB. Apart from two controlled experiments, I have done all my research toghether with industry or in the public sector. I am the LiU representative of SWEDSOFT - an initiative for Swedish software industry.


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