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Semantic Technologies in Practice - PhD Course Ht 2012

For full course information, see the course page in the Grad Student portal. This page only contains additional course material for the students taking the course.

Part 1

Part 1 one of the course is a self-study block to be taken between mid-August and mid-September 2012, by those students not already familiar with the Semantic Web and ontology Engineering in OWL. Instructions and material for Part 1 can be found here. Deadline for handing in the exercises is September 12.

Part 2

Exercises for session 1 can be found here, and the lecture slides here.

Lecture slides and exercises for the second session can be found here.

Lecture slides for the third session can be found here.

Lecture slides for the fourth session will be found here shortly.

Lecture slides for the fifth session can be found here.

Part 3

Part 3 is a practical project selected by each student individually. If you want to take this part of the course, send a 1-page project proposal to me by 30/11 the latest. projects should be finished and reported by the end of December. The main idea is that the project should result in a small application (or library, component etc.), i.e. it should be a development project, that could somehow be useful for your research (optional, but nice if it fits to your research). For instance, it could be to try out one of the technologies from the course in an application you are working with, and evaluate if it would be useful to actually integrate it. The project proposal should contain:

  • A description of the purpose and goal of the project, and (if relevant) how it relates to your research.
  • One or more research questions for your small project, e.g. "Would this technology work better than what I am using right now in my research project?" or "How could x be realized using technology y?".
  • A description of the expected results, i.e the application you intend to build, and if you are going to include any evaluation of it, as well as a first idea on what existing tools/APIs/ontologies/... you are going to reuse.
Note that this is not a large development project. It should correspond to approximately 2 weeks of work, where 1-2 days is for writing the report and providing the demo.

To report a project you will demo the application you have built (in person, as an online demo, or even in a screencast video) and write a report describing your work, relating it to the course topic(s) and describing how Semantic Technologies are at work in your application.

Here are some suggestions of potential topics:

  • Transform some data that you are using in your PhD project into linked data, link it to some other online dataset, and build a small application that uses the data (e.g. visualizes it) and supports your research project.
  • Design a small app based on Fabio's pipeline of gathering and enhancing Tweets. Build a user interface for it that exploits the links available in the linked data used.
  • Design a small domain ontology for a topic in your PhD project and use it for doing some reasoning. Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using an ontology compared to what you are using right now.
  • Create an application that uses Stanbol for enhancing some content and presenting it with Vie.

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