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Project outline

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Project outline

The LiaM project (2002-06-01 to 2002-12-31) consists of three closely related sub-projects:

Usability of multimodal interfaces.

This sub-project aims at acquiring knowledge on how users can, and want to, use multimodal interaction in various situations. The results from these investigations will guide the development of the interaction platform and our resources for language technology.

Intelligent information extraction with dialogue.

In this sub-project the focus is on language technology for interaction as well as information extraction. Multimodal interaction utilising language as one modality needs programs able to, contextually, interpret users’ information needs and present the information appropriately. This involves sophisticated knowledge sources modelling the domain, so called, ontologies. The ontology also plays an important role for the information extraction components that are developed in this sub-project.

Open source and tools for development of interaction modules for mobile and stationary services.

The work within this sub-project involves making the language technology resources being developed publicly available as Open Source on our own OSS community, nlpFarm. This includes platforms as well as complete systems and documentation. Much work is devoted to refining the software to provide robust and well-documented modules with well specified interfaces.

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