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The project LIaM (Language, Internet and Mobility) has a focus on language technology from various perspectives and for a variety of applications. LiaM involves research on usability of multimodal interfaces, models and techniques for intelligent information extraction and plans to have the results readily available as software resources. Language technology is an important base technology for the project involving two main research areas: 1) interaction, in many situations language is the most natural and efficient means of interaction, often in combination with other modalities and especially for mobile applications; and 2) document processing, most of the information that is to be available is produced as text or speech and, thus, requires analysis before it can be accessed.

Software developed within the project will be publicly available as well-documented modules supporting the use of our methods and models. To this end software will be developed as Open Source allowing for code sharing between industry and research groups. Furthermore, we need knowledge on how users would like to interact in different situations, what modalities to utilise for various information needs, etc. Thus, system ideas will be realised as prototypes and evaluated.

The project is collaboration between companies (such as SVT, Telia and Ida Infront), St Anna Research Institute and Linköping University.

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