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TDDD49 Programming C# and .NET (4 ECTS)


This page is beeing updated for 2013

A central resource for learning Microsoft technologies is of course MSDN which however, in the beginning for some can be a bit short in its format and sort of require you to already have a fundamental understanding. For some areas MSDN takes some time to get into.It is a bit of a volumes reference material rather than tutorial. Look to resources such as Visual C# Resources or “How Do I?” Videos for Visual C#. Code samples can be located on code samples MSDN. Also look at some more reseources on wpf such as MSDN WPF 4.0, Visual Studio WPF sample application, and also look at things like transformations in for instance MSDN on Transformations in WPF. Other resources is plentifull on the webb but you can get in to it for instance though resrouces such as www.wpftutorial.net abnd learnwpf.com.

Page responsible: Sahand Sadjadee
Last updated: 2013-10-16