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TDDD48 Automated planning: All Messages

2021‑03‑28  TDDD48 Information

Brief information: Lectures and labs will be handled at a distance. More information will be sent out by email before the first lecture.

2020‑08‑14  TDDD48 Exam: August 2020

The August exam for TDDD48 will also take place in Lisam. More details will be posted later, but for now, please make sure you have access to Lisam according to the previous news item (below).

2020‑05‑25  Exam

If you want to take the TDDD48 exam in June (or August), make sure you have access to the course in Lisam!

The central LiU page for examination at a distance says:

Note that exams in Lisam are available solely in the course room for the current course instance. Students from previous course instances who have registered for the exam will be added to the course room for the current course instance. Students from previous course instances are encouraged to check that they have access to the course room for the current course instance at least two working days before the exam. If in doubt, contact the examiner.

2020‑04‑01  Labs

The first lab pages have been updated with more information about how to run labs remotely. There is also a link to the registration in Webreg, in the lab introduction.

2020‑03‑29  Make sure you are registered

I have just sent out an email to all students registered for this course.

If you have not registered yet, please do so, and email me so I can send any required information to you manually.

2020‑03‑22  Distance education

As announced by LiU, we are switching to distance education throughout the university, and there will be no "ordinary" lectures or lab times in our courses. I am working on updating the course accordingly. You will still be able to take the course and you will have access to assistance, but it will be arranged differently. More will be announced closer to the start of the course.

2019‑04‑11  Cancelled lecture

As you have been informed by email, today's lecture in TDDD48 is cancelled due to illness.

Next week's lecture will still cover Hierarchical Task Networks as intended, so that you know about this type of planning before Lab 4 starts.

2019‑03‑18  Course web page updates

We are updating the course web pages. Please contact the examiner in case you have questions.

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