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TDDD37 Database Technology

Getting started

  • Setting up your environment for the simple MySQL client.
  • Loading the Johnsson Brothers database needed for labs 1 and 2.
  • Laborating from home
    If you would like to laborate from your own computer you are free to do so. In this case we would recommend you use a ssh client to connect to your IDA-account and then follow the instructions above. For Windows a simple way to do this is to use Putty. More instructions for this tool and how to connect to IDA is available here (Note however that the host-name has changed from astmatix.ida.liu.se to remote-und.ida.liu.se).
    In OS X the built in SSH-client can be used instead. Hence you simply have to write "ssh <your login name>@remote-und.ida.liu.se" in your OS X command prompt to connect to your IDA account.
    A second alternative can be to set up your own MySQL server. For this we recommend MySQL which is free to use although you will need to set up an oracle account. Note however that you can not connect directly to your IDA MySQL-server from outside LiU and hence it is not enough to just download the client.

Page responsible: Olaf Hartig
Last updated: 2016-10-05