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TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming

Servers on IDA

  • Platforms supported:
    Rails, Tomcat and Django on typologix.ida.liu.se
  • What do you do?:
    Start your servers as usual with one exception: specifying the port number. For instance rails server -p 4711 -d, where -d is not completely necessary but makes the server run in the background.
  • How long will the server run:
    The server process will be killed after 48 hours. It must be restarted and perhaps with a new port number.
  • How do I get a port number that is avaliable:
    You need a port number not currently in use and you can get that using the following command: netstat --listen -n.
  • Will i have to reinstall my server every time?:
    Only your running process is killed and need to be restarted. You installations of e.g. gems should remain in your home catalogue installation.
  • I want to install gems or use hibernate with tomcat. Will that work?:
    Yes, gems or things like hibernate will be installed in your home catalogue and work like on your own machine.
Any questions beyond this about the IDA servers on typologix can be sent to Rikard Nordin

Page responsible: Erik Berglund
Last updated: 2013-04-16