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TDDD08 Logic Programming


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The linked files may be corrected/updated without notice. (Cf. the version number and the automatically generated compilation date.) The linked slides are in a form for printing (4 slides per page). Their original form (with hyperlinks) may be found in the same directory.
#1 Practical matters, objectives, introduction to logic programming
Handouts: [introduction], [puzzle solving program with a fragment of a trace], [transforming expressions into postfix form program], [grandchild/2 and similar predicates]
#2 Definite logic programs, declarative semantics (includes 1st order logic - repetition)
Handouts: [declarative semantics], [example - interpretation].
#3,4 Unification. Operational semantics.
[Handouts] on SLD-resolution, [additional slides]. ( [Summary] on soundness and completeness.)
#5,6 Introduction to Prolog. Example programs.
Handouts: [Prolog], [example programs], [Prolog built-ins, a draft overview], [a summary of list notation of Prolog].
#6 Herbrand interpretations
[Handouts]. A program example -- [CNF].
#7,8 Program correctness.
Handouts: [program correctness & completeness], [additional slides, the same with animation], [example correctness and completeness proofs]
Declarative diagnosis.
Handouts: [overview used at the lecture], a more comprehensive [version].
#8 Difference lists. Definite Clause Grammars (DCGs)
Handouts: [difference lists], [DCGs],
#9,10 Constraints (Ch 14 and a supplementary chapter of [Nilsson,Maluszynski])
[Handouts], [example programs puzzle, queens]
#10,#11 Negation
Handouts: [a list of main issues], [informal introduction],
[negation, definite programs] (fragments on compl(P)),
[general programs part 1, the same one slide/page (with animations)],
[general programs part 2], [link to further reading].
#11,#12 Negation, general programs. Final comments.
Extra: control in Prolog, on termination of definite programs, a note on occur check
Lectures of 2015

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