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732A93 Statistical Methods

Course information

Course Information

Course contents:

The course aims to provide the student with a theoretical basis of statistical concepts and methods that are required for qualified work and research in statistics. The topics covered include:  Concept of probability 
- Random variable, common statistical distributions and their properties
- Point- and interval estimation
- Hypothesis testing
- Simple and multiple linear regression, t-test and F-test. Residual and outlier analyses 
- Likelihood, prior and posterior distribution, and Bayes theorem
- Concept of Markov chains
- sampling with and without replacement.
- imputation for model building

Course organisation:

The teaching is comprised of lectures, seminars computer assignments.
The lectures are devoted to presentations of theories, concepts, and methods.
The seminars are devoted to presentation and discussion of assignments


A written final exam and Written reports on the computer assignments.

Course literature:

Wackerly, Mendenhall,Schaeffer: Matthematical Statistic with Applications, Tth edition. Brooks/Cole, Cengage learning ISBN-13:978-0-495-38508-0   ISBN-10:0-495-38508-5


Course start:

The course starts in August 21, at 1.15 pm in D24.


Undergraduate courses in mathematics should include both calculus and linear algebra. Basic undergraduate courses in statistics and computer science are also required. 


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