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732A93 Statistical Methods

Course information

Course contents:

The course aims to provide the student with a theoretical basis of statistical concepts and methods
that are required for qualified work and research in statistics.

The topics covered include:
- Basic concepts in probability.
- Discrete random variables and their probability distributions.
- Continuous random variables and their probability distributions.
- Multivariate probability distributions.
- Sampling distributions and the central limit theorem.
- Estimation.
- Properties of point estimators and methods of estimation.
- Hypothesis testing.
- Linear models and estimation by least squares.
- Introduction to Bayesian methods for inference.
- Imputation techniques (Computer Assignment).

Course organisation:

The teaching is comprised of lectures/seminars, which are devoted to presenting the theory and concepts,
and to solve and discuss selected exercises.

Course schedule:

The course schedule is available here.


The course examination consists in two parts:
- A 4-hours final written exam (5 ECTS).
- A written report on the computer assignment (1 ECTS)
Examination dates are available here.

Course book:

Wackerly, D., Mendenhall, W. and Schaeffer, R. (2008). Mathematical Statistics with Applications, 7th edition.
Brooks/Cole, Cengage learning. ISBN-13: 978-0-495-38508-0. ISBN-10: 0-495-38508-5.

Course start:

The course starts in August 25, at 15:15 in R43, C Building.


Undergraduate courses in mathematics that include both calculus and linear algebra.
Basic undergraduate courses in statistics and programming are also required. 


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