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TDDD41 Data Mining - Clustering and Association Analysis
732A75 Advanced Data Mining


Virtual Lab Sessions

  • Zoom: There will be one Zoom meeting room per lab assistant. Your lab assistant will provide you with details to access that room. Within this virtual lab room every pair of lab partners will be assigned a separate breakout room that serves as a virtual space for the lab partners to work together. That is, within your breakout room, you and your lab partner can talk and share your screens with one another in order to work on your lab assignments collaboratively. To this end, one of you has to take the lead in terms of doing the actual typing of your programming (or connect to LiU Network); this partner shares her/his screen and, then, both of you can discuss what needs to be typed. You have to agree beforehand who takes the lead, and you should take turns for the different lab sessions.
    Important: to enable the lab assistant to assign you (and your lab partner) to the right breakout room, you need to change your name within the Zoom meeting. This should be done as follows. Directly after entering the Zoom meeting, click on the "Participant list" button in the Zoom application. Next, in the "Participants" window that opens, hover the mouse over your entry in the list (typically, you are shown at the top of this list) and several blue buttons should appear, including a button called "Rename" (it may be possible that you first have to click the "More" button that appears). After clicking the "Rename" button, enter a screen name using the following pattern: Course code-Webreg group number-First name-Last name.
  • Camedin is a simple online queuing application which we use for you to queue to get help from your lab assistant during the virtual lab sessions. Note that, as a student, you do not need to log into Camedin to get into the lab session queue. Instead, your lab assistant will provide you with a link to a Camedin "Live" page for your lab group. During the virtual lab sessions, this page is active and you can see how many people are in the queue.

    If you want to get into the queue, click on the button called "Page". Now, you have to enter i) your name, ii) your location (which, in our virtual setting, is the number of your breakout room), and iii) a password (which you have received from your lab assistant). After clicking "OK", you should see the place that you have in the queue. When it says "NOW", it is your turn and the lab assistant will join your breakout room.

Remote Connection

  • LiU provides RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connections to computers at the campus so that you don't have to be present at the lab rooms. Please read the 'Rules of conduct' and 'System information' on this page carefully. You can check the computers' availability here (choose a location from the left of this page). Each 'Ledig' (Free) box means an available computer that you can connect to. After you click a free box, a file with extension '.rdp' will be downloaded. By just clicking this file, the remote desktop program will be running and you can input your LiU ID and password.
  • You can also use Thinlinc to log in remotely. Thinlinc can be downloaded here. Connect to the server thinlinc.edu.liu.se, enter your LiU ID and password.


Download Weka from here and unzip it. Run Weka with java -jar weka.jar from the terminal. You'll have a choice between the command line interface (CLI), the Experimenter, the Explorer and Knowledge flow. In this lab we will stick with Explorer. (The Explorer User Guide can be downloaded here.) Press Explorer button on the menu.

Lab 1-Clustering lab

Lab 2-Association Analysis -1

Lab 3-Association Analysis -2

How to get credits ...

Hand in each report by sending an email to the lab assistant latest at EXAM DATE. If you received comments on the labs, hand in latest 2 weeks after EXAM DATE.

For TDDD41, please send your report to Mina Abd Nikooie Pour. (mina.abd.nikooie.pour@liu.se)

For 732A75, please send your report to Ying Li. (ying.li@liu.se)

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