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732A64 Master's Thesis


The course has the following examination items:

1. Problem formulation and literature review

2. Mid-term report

3. Submission of the thesis

4. Oral presentation and defence of the thesis

5. Oppoosition on another master's thesis


The grading takes into account the following:

1. Scientific quality of the thesis (adequacy and originality of the methods used, significance of obtained results, discourse skill)

2. Technical quality of the thesis (correctness of language and scientific terminology, quality of illustrations)

3. Quality of presentation and communication (clarity of written presentation, ability to orally present ,discuss and defend the thesis)

4. Independence (inventiveness, critical attitude)


Rules for examination at IDA

Any kind of academic dishonesty, such as cheating, e.g. plagiarism or use of unauthorized assistance, and failure to comply with university examination rules, may result in the filing of a complaint to the University Disciplinary Board. The potential penalties include suspension, warning.

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