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729A99 Usability Testing (6 ECTS)

VT1 2019

Latest News...

2019‑02‑12  Update of seminar page

The slides from Shafiq's presentation is on the seminar page. Also seminar 7 has an added paper, Burnett et. al. 2016. The literature for the seminars is now finalised.
Eva LR

2019‑01‑08  Update almost done

The information is now available but is still subject to change. If you see something weird, contact me so I can fix it!
Eva LR

2018‑12‑14  Course pages in english will be updated for 2019.

The course pages are currently being translated from swedish to english and revised for 2019. The main difference is going to be an increased support for technical data collection and extension of the time allotted for the project. This requires the elimination of one seminar compared to 2018 and minor revision of the material for the other seminars. However, most of the literature found on the swedish home page is still going to be included. The schedule will be announced on TimeEdit just before christmas.
Welcome to the first session, which will introduce the course and the subject, on wednesday 23 january, 10-12 in A302.
Eva LR and Mathias N

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