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IDA Technical Reports Search

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This service allows you to search for documents in our technical reports archive. The search works in the following way:

  • Each non-emptyfield will be included.

  • The search is not case-insensitive.

  • Regular expressions can not be used, but partial strings work perfectly well.

  • If several fields are specified, the result is those reports that full-filles all search directives, e.g., if title and author are both specified, only those reports matching both fields will be returned.

The output generated can be adapted via the Output format options:

       Include abstract
The abstract (if available) will be included in the output.
       Browser presentation
The result will be presented as a formatted page, for viewing purposes primarily.
The raw BibTeX format will be returned. This will be (almost) unusable for viewing purposes, but allows the user to save the results using the Save as... function in the browser.

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Last updated: 2011-09-07