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Persian gold standards

We have created 30 gold standards for persian.

To this end, five human summarizers created 150 extracts using the pyramid method developed by Ani Nenkova, based on 5 social and 5 scientific texts. The lengths of gold standards were 30, 50 and 80 percent of the original texts. The gold standards were evaluated by one group of graduates and and one group of teachers by means of a questionnaire. Based on the questionnaire both groups found the gold standards appropriate, but the teachers liked the summaries more than the graduates.

The creation of the gold standards and evaluation of the summarisations are presented in the report Using the Pyramid Method for generating gold standards for Persian texts by Masoud Jahan Nia.

The gold standards are in Microsoft Word format and can be found here, or as one zip file.

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Last updated: 2013-06-10