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Policy for examination of IDA courses in another location and examination of courses not given at IDA

Examination is an exercise of public authority, and because of this, it is of utmost importance that examination is conducted in a predictable way and according to Swedish law. As an exchange student, you are responsible for planning your studies so that you can take all written exams during your stay at Linköping University.

General rule

  • You cannot take exams in IDA courses in another location.
  • We cannot supervise exams in courses given by other higher education institutions.

Special circumstances

Exceptions to the General rule can be made only in the following special circumstances:

  • long-term sickness
  • natural disasters
  • strike actions
  • other particular factors beyond your control

Exceptions can also be made if you are an exchange student who has returned to your home country and cannot or is not permitted to travel back to Sweden. This applies, for example, when your visa is expired.

Examination in another location

If you want to take an exam in one of our courses at another location than LiU, you (not your examiner) are responsible for arranging a suitable location and naming a trustworthy contact person. Examples of suitable locations are

  • partner universities
  • official government agencies
  • embassies

Examples of trustworthy contact persons are senior staff members at the respective location.

The examination in the other location must be subject to the same conditions as the ordinary examination at LiU. In particular, it must happen on the same day and time and must be given in a separate place without disturbances. You must have access to the same technical aids as students at LiU and be monitored by an invigilator.

Request an examination in another location

To request examination of an IDA course in another location, you must send an email to the course examiner. To request an examination of a course not given at IDA, you must email the Head of Department. In both cases, you must make contact in good time ahead of the examination. In the email, you must state:

  • the special circumstances that you want to invoke
  • for examinations abroad, the suggested location and contact person


For details about these rules, see Section 2.2.10 of the University’s Guidelines for education and examination for first-cycle and second-cycle education.

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Last updated: 2023-06-07